Why Social Selling is the Hottest ... Now!

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So? Have you ever heard of Social Selling? Yes, no, maybe?

To be clear right away, this topic is bigger than this newsletter, but I want to at least give you an idea of it. Because it works.

But before we delve into this topic, we need to better understand another way of marketing, or rather compare it with another one: SEO and SEA.

I think both terms are clear, right? SEO is the game with the ads on Google and Co., and SEA is the optimization of your own website to Google’s algorithm.

Do you know how much B2B companies are willing to spend on SEO and SEA? Incredible sums of money, and all for one reason: the ROI, or rather the desired ROI (return on investment).

SEO and SEA promise a much faster ROI than Social Selling. Or to be even more clear: Yes, it may work very well in B2C but it doesn’t, or rather, very rarely works in B2B.

But why?

Well, because B2B just doesn’t sell sneakers that thousands of people are looking for at the same time every day. What opened my eyes was the keyword search for specific B2B terms. While sneakers are searched for up to 1 million times a month, a term like water filtration is only searched for up to 1000 times, and it actually isn’t even all that specific.

Additionally, the basic principle in SEA is that whoever pays the most wins. As a result, it is always a game of competing for individual keywords that are hardly searched for, if at all, and are also very expensive.

But that doesn’t mean the game is won if you're in first place. The math that sets in until the actual B2B sale takes place often only spirals in one direction. Down.

Those who understand this also understand that Social Selling is the new trend. But what is it actually about?

Quite frankly, it can be summed up in one word: TRUST.

Social Selling is all about building trust (and yes, this takes time). For customers to trust you and your product without you having to keep mentioning it.

My definition of marketing is: Marketing ensures that by the time the project is discussed or a product/service needs to be purchased, my brand is in the mind of the decision makers.

And this can be achieved through Social Selling. The underlying principle is to give a lot first, without constantly demanding them to buy your own product. Yes, this is hard on time and resources, but in the long run, it not only wins you customers, but fans as well. Do you remember the difference? If not, check Episode 1 again.

But how does Social Selling work?

Think about what your customers are interested in or what problems they may have. Writing them down is very helpful here! Make a list of your customers’ 20 problems! If you don’t know them, ask your colleagues.

Interact with your network based on those problems. This doesn’t mean you have to solve these problems right away, but show some honest interest (empathy) and help your customers solve these problems without immediately praising your service.

The principle is simple, isn’t it? I’ll tell you another secret. What I’m doing here right now is Social Selling! Now you know. I’ll make you smarter. Does it cost anything? No. Am I praising my service here? No. Any questions?

Good luck with the implementation!


Not enough?

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See you soon.

Cheers, Björn

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