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In today's competitive market, having corporate influencers is crucial for increasing a company's revenue, visibility, and attractiveness to both employees and financial stakeholders.

Content Creation

Learn to create compelling and engaging content tailored to the water industry.

Lead Generation

Use LinkedIn to identify and connect with potential customers and business partners.

Industry Influence

Establish a strong, influential presence within the water sector to attract key stakeholders and media attention.

My 3 Promises

After this workshop your team will...

Attract new customers and applicants via social media:

Your team will have the tools and knowledge to communicate effectively and consistently across various channels within the water industry.


Become authentic faces of the company:

Your organization will have a network of ambassadors who actively and credibly represent your company’s values and expertise in the water sector.


Increase the company's visibility and reputation:

Your company will be perceived as a trustworthy and leading player in the water industry, thanks to enhanced presence and positive representation.


Your employees will learn how to use social media tools to communicate effectively and consistently across various channels in the water and wastewater industry.

Effective Communication

They will discover how to become authentic representatives of your company, reflecting its values and expertise in the water sector.​

Authentic Representation

They will master strategies to attract business partners and media outlets by establishing a strong and trustworthy industry presence.

Attracting Business Partners

Your employees will develop skills to enhance and strengthen your company’s brand presence, employer brand, and public visibility in the water industry.

Enhancing Brand Visibility

They will gain insights into using LinkedIn for social selling, including optimizing profiles, creating engaging content, and effective networking.

Optimizing LinkedIn

They will learn how to be effective ambassadors for your company, actively and genuinely promoting its values and solutions.

Becoming Ambassador

What Your Team Will Learn


What are you

waiting for?

Choose an appointment where we will talk about having this workshop implemented for your company water pros.


Corporate Influencer

This workshop is tailored specifically for the water industry, ensuring your employees become powerful ambassadors who drive growth and elevate your company's standing in the market.

Clients Trust Us

Leading companies in the water industry have already booked this program and are reaping the benefits.

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